The Work

Primarily a one-person operation, Spungifeel Comics is basically the umbrella entity for not only the comic book work of T. wEieR but also other features such as the regular cartoons featured on this website and sundry items offered for sale. T. wEieR offers illustration services and provides publishing of the self- syndicated features Salamander Bits, Somedaze, and Soggy Toast through The Something Syndicate. See the contact information below if you're curious about T. wEieR's illustrating services, if you're interested in publishing one of the comic features offered, or if you have questions or comments.

The Artist

T. wEieR is an artist who enjoys producing work that twists poetic intellect with a healthy respect for nonsense. Modeled after no one in particular, T. wEieR is a great admirer of the surrealist Magritte, cartoonist B. Kliban, and the purest elements of junk TV from the 60's and 70's. Since 1982, T. wEieR has produced gag cartoons that have appeared in many magazines and newspapers. In addition to illustrating books, T. wEieR took a four year detour into the challenging world of comic book work in 1994. In 1997, T. wEieR created the daily cartoon,
Salamander Bits, a unique work of cutting edge exploration.

T. wEieR
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