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November 27, 1999
Still getting the bugs out of the system. Some may have noted that the Salamander Bits and Somedaze features have not been appearing as regularly lately. This is a problem with my setting them up for automatic uploading as well as all the other changes I've been making to the site. Not making excuses, just letting you know that I'm fixing things, and everything should be back to normal for soon. Thanks for your patience!
November 16, 1999
Still getting the bugs out of the new set up. Please be patient. The
Somedaze Achive is now up and running!
November 14, 1999
Major changes to the Spungifeel site. New home and a lot of new layout!
October 18, 1999
New and updated Spungifeel/Salamander Bits
greeting cards!
October 6, 1999
Salamander Bits is picked up by
iSyndicate for syndication throughout the world!
September 5, 1999
Somedaze Cartoons will no longer appear in color except on occasion. The good news is that it will now be featured six days a week!
August 23, 1999
Salamander Bits archive installed.
August 14, 1999
Salamander Bits is pulled out of Art Comics Syndicate due to an unfortunate series of tragic and mysterious events.
August 5, 1999
New updated, dethawed, and grout-free
Spungifeel Comix website finally launched into the Net.
July, 1999
Spungifeel Comix in
Mole magazine along with an interview with the 80's Vanilla Ice!
June, 1999
Somedaze Cartoons launched as a weekday feature instead of a weekly.
May, 1999
Salamander Bits picked up (as a part of the Art Comics group) by iSyndicate for distribution on the net.

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