December 4, 2000

Things progressing on the website with new pages. I finished the shop about 3 weeks ago and then decided I didn't like it and trashed it. I can salvage bits and pieces of it. For now, you'll notice a few new bits, such as a recent revamp of the Archives page.

In other news, I am in discussions with another artist for the potential launch of another regular strip feature. Things are much too early to divulge specifics, but it looks to be an interesting gig.

October 24, 2000

I know, I know....I gave you Soggy Toast for a few weeks and then took it away. The newsletter went bye-bye for a while too. Well, I've been away woodshedding with my craft and doing a lot of work renovating the site which you have yet to see. It's taken me much more time and effort than I ever thought it would require. But never fear, big surprises are coming here soon....very soon.

August 7, 2000

Soggy Toast Debuts!!!!!! Go

June 10, 2000

***Soggy Toast Update
Word around town is that "Soggy Toast" is not yet ripe for uploading (Gee, what's new?!!). Thanks for the patience, one and all. It WILL magically appear eventually and shortly (whichever comes sooner). I will not release this thing until it is ready.

I am in the process of assembling an FAQ for the Spungifeel site, so if you have any questions to add...please fire away. No question is a dumb question if you ask it anonymously. Just
email me.

June 6, 2000

Archive Expanded!
I've decided to stop screwing around and make available every comic that is uploaded at least back for the last month or two. Probably longer.

May 15, 2000

New Comic is coming!
It's been slow, but "Soggy Toast" (working title) should see the light of day soon. I've been backed up with many projects as of late and need to produce a backlog head start before I unleash this thing.

Greeting Card Blues
DAIR, the company that hosted many of the Spungifeel greeting cards, has unfortunately, disabled some of its novel features and services. For the time being it functions for sending free ecards, but nothing new will be added. Rest assured, I am looking for a new home for the many Spungifeel greeting cards I have housed there (and more coming). Actually, I may move the programming to my own site, but that is yet to be seen.

April 8, 2000

Several new things to address. Somedaze will be going on hiatus for the next few weeks so that I can work on updating several areas of the website. In it's place, I will be running installments from the entire "Harold and the Steak Man" story that was first published in 1998. In addition, things are moving splendidly on the new strip. I'm hoping to unveil it sometime in May. It will be a weekly comic, and the working title as of now is "Soggy Toast". Stay tuned.

March 10, 2000

Hello all. Things in SpungiLand and otherwise have certainly been a trip lately. The most important bit is that there's a new healthy little wEieR in the world as of last month, and she has been keeping things very busy. I know it's been a while since I've posted and, well, here's a long overdue update.

In the last month, I installed a new guest book on the Somedaze, Salamander Bits, and Home pages. So please post! If I see enough interest in postings, I'll put up a forum. Please feel free to discuss the cartoons (be sure to leave the date), good or bad or confused. I'm always interested in learning how "the other side" views my work.

Also, last month, I installed places on the site for people to join this email list. Please spread the word about the email list and SPUNGIFEEL COMICS.

I think you'll also notice that I've renovated the archive portions for the comics to one page. How do you like the creepy host for that page?

So, where's the new comic I announced last January? Well, I'm still developing it and have decided that for the time being I will keep Somedaze in its present form. This means the new comic will be the third feature that I am doing. It's most likely that I'll be posting it once a week, and it will have continuing characters. This is an experiment, and so far, my sanity seems to be in check. This will not be the Pungent Pylon revisited. (ha! ha!).

Some will notice that I have been running a good number of reruns STILL. There that good, man! Just kidding. Personally, I hate reruns. Thanks for the patience of previous fans. Nevertheless, I've been stockpiling new ones and should be running all new Salamander and Somedaze very soon.

January 23, 2000

Well, things have been put to normal on the website for over a month now. I have many exciting changes in store for the site in the near future:

First and foremost, I am developing a new format for the Somedaze comic. Reluctantly, I have had to run reruns of Somedaze and some for Salamander Bits for the past month in order that I have time to focus on this revised feature. The new Somedaze will be in a strip form with at least one regular character. There is a possibility that I will maintain a weekly version of the old Somedaze one panel, but that's to be decided. I like the name "Somedaze," and I think it is perfect for the new strip I am developing.

In addition, I will be installing a guest book and possibly a forum. Today, I have installed a new mailing list. It seems that Listbot has failed me in a big way. It is very difficult to sign up and doesn't always work! The new system is better, so please sign up! As always, the mailing list is used only by me, and your email addresses will not be given to anyone!

As many of you know I have been slowly working toward making the site able to allow for commercial transactions of the various Spungifeel products we carry. Look for this to happen sometime in the near future.


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