This 20 page story informs you all about the first suburban monkey in space and his good friend Sweaty Frank, a retired moped mechanic, who put him there. Beyond all of its cartoony illustrations and popcorn-fed dialogue, it forces you, the captivated reader, to ponder the enormous mediocrity of suburbia in relation to the infinite sprawl of outer space. It also makes you wonder why Sweaty Frank got his name (sshhhh....I'm not telling). In addition, it's one of the few mini comics that makes reference to Charlton Heston (in loving tribute, of course). Sporting a color cover, it's only $1.50 ppd. Get ready to blast off, man and send your dough to:

T. wEieR
P.O. Box 2412
Merrifield, VA 22116.

The Crazy Life of Cheeko and His Good Friend Sweaty Frank book cover

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