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  An eclectic collection of comix stories handsomely assembled in a 112 page paperback that guides the reader through the surreal landscape of artist T. wEieR. A unique cast of characters is eagerly exploited: an unemployed space chimp and his friend Sweaty Frank (Cheeko), a knighted shoe salesman that reluctantly helps the morons of Weenytown (Sir Maxinost), a hayseed couple bombarded with the good will of a jazz-loving neighbor (The Galivanting Swingers), a misguided beatnik (This Cat's Outta His Bag), and many more. Also includes installments from the Somedaze comic series.

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  *Includes full versions of the following Spungifeel Mini-Comics: Compendium of People I've Worked With; The Crazy Life of Cheeko and His Good Friend Sweaty Frank; The Figurine Man; and The Quiggly Boy.

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This wild collection culled from the first years of this popular Spungifeel feature is equal parts bizarre and spew-milk-out- your-nose funny. Salamander Bits is the juxtaposition of snippets of conversation, real and imagined, with illustrations of people envisioned or genuine. Research for much of this work was mined during T. wEieR's "daily participation in public transportation." Includes over 200 installments!

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