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The Spungifeel Primer

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Zine World, Winter 98/99

The Spungifeel Primer, by T. wEieR: Inspired by the voice of Steve McGarrett (not Jack Lord), the oddly named Mr. wEieR has compiled this beautifully printed book of his best bits – bizarre tales of grotesque people doing strange and unusual things with cattle and coffee cake and sticks through the head. The comics are six degrees past surreal, and funny as ****. I rolled through all the comics in one sitting, and then halfway through the book it switches to (mostly) text, and we get Mr. wEieR’s novelette, The Figurine Man, in its entirety. If anything TFM is even more disturbingly delightful than the comics, because it could happen to you – an infatuation, rebuffed, blooms into a stalker story that alternately terrified this reader and reduced me to hysterical gales of laughter. This is the work of a true original artist, and I recommend it wholeheartedly for anyone looking for something completely different. And it's a book, by the way, so it's damn well worth the price. —Hanna

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