This digest, debuted at the Independent Comics Exposition, Chicago, October 12, 1996, continues the weirdness of the first issue plus MORE. This time, Rolly Joe of the Galivanting Swingers tries to make his wife's eyes "glisten like vaseline" all in the name of "luv." I WANNA GO HERE for a sample page. This issue also includes the debut of Sir Maxinost, the self appointed mayor of Weenytown and legendary slayer of the pork meat monster Jacoby. In this ish, Master Sir finds a kooky way to help his friend Spazzo get a drum stick out of his head. PHEW! And if that isn't enough to make your brain swell, episodes of Crazy Mr. Jivey, Little Big Belittled Man, and a new one, This Cat's Outta His Bag, are all there to do the trick. Plus a letters section and some other goofy stuff. 20 pages of big fun...$1.75 ppd at the address below. Small Press Zone: "...more fun from T. wEieR...the art, crazy obscuro at its best throughout.." Send $1.75 in money order, check, or well-concealed cash to:

T. wEieR, P.O. Box 2412, Merrifield, VA 22116


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