Main Page Obviously, a good place to begin your journey. However, I have an assortment of door pages that might lead you there as well.
Salamander Bits Exotically weird, in a nutshell this cartoon is a picture of humanity. New installments updated Monday-Friday.
Somedaze A "Further-Side" cartoon that brings laughter to places you didn't know you had.
Soggy Toast A geekfest starring Hanky Boy and Stewby with occasional visits from "Half-Eaten Donut Man." New installments uploaded each weekend.
Archives A healthy helping of Salamander Bits, Somedaze, and Soggy Toast regularly archived here (usually weekly).
About Us The Spungifeel thing....what is it? Who are we?
SpungiClub This is an email club that gets members a subscription to the newsletter Spungifeel Now, sneak previews of projects, and other Spungi-things.
Spungifeel Shop The best place to visit for purchasing mini-comics, paperback collections, t-shirts, and other items.
Tell Your Friends Visitors may alert their friends to the Spungifeel Comics website by writing a short note, filling in their friends' email addresses, and sending the whole works off. A very simple way to let your friends know about Spungifeel Comics.
Link to Us Here's where visitors learn how to put links to Spungifeel Comics on their own sites. Visitors may choose from a variety banners and graphics or simply add a text link (html included for cutting and pasting).
Greeting E-Cards You don't have to spend a cent or lick a stamp on these clever little helpers. Cards available for holidays as well as special moments.
FAQ Spungifeel Comics answers the most often asked questions. Updated occasionally.
News Anything new with Spungifeel Comics (when remembered) is published here. Also, occasional commentary. Not updated on a regular basis.
News 1999 Spungifeel news from the year 1999.
Article Article from the Washington City Paper (1997) that takes a brief look at Spungifeel Comics. T. wEieR adds commentary to the review, particularly one very strange quote.
Links Groovy places to check out for learning and just plain vegging out.
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Sign Guest Book Why not take the time to leave your thoughts? Good, bad, and funny.
Contact Info Stay in touch and let us know what you're thinking.
Miscellaneous A few things of interest that don't fall under the other categories. Not quite finished for public consumption.

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